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Catholic 1991

Concept and direction: Andrea Spreafico

Direction assistant: Caroline Eckly

with: Andrea Spreafico, Roy Aernouts, Ivo Bärtsch, Thomas Meadowcroft, Steve Heather

Music: Thomas Meadowcroft, Steve Heather, Roy Aernouts

Lighting design: Martin Flack

Co-Production: BIT-Teatergaraje, Tanzfabrik and O Espaço do Tempo

Supported by  Art Council Norway and Bergen Kommune

Catholic 1991 is a collage of images, quotes, dance, music, theatre and ideas about the end of The Twentieth Century, about the 90s and the generation that celebrated its youth in these years.

Catholic 1991 is a 90 minutes performance in two parts:

The first part (60’) is a long frontal introduction with the audience facing the stage where Andrea Spreafico gives an informal lecture about the 90s and how the word “catholic” could be used to frame them. 

The second part is a ritual celebration of the decade. The audience is invited  to enter the stage, a curtain close around them and half an hour of liturgic music closes the show. The rhythm of the information-flow drops dramatically and the elements of the lecture are translated into music: a sound collage of quotes from hits of the 90s accompanied by a drumming rhythm  recalling shamanic sounds introduces a liturgical version of Beck’s hit “Loser”

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