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Good Morning Milton Keynes! Oh, it’s afternoon

By Spreafico Eckly & Matteo Fargion

Date of creation: 2019

Conception: Matteo Fargion and Andrea Spreafico

Music: Matteo Fargion

Lyrics: Andrea Spreafico

Performed by MK Brass

Good Morning Milton Keynes! Oh, it’s afternoon is a Vesper written to the glory of urban delusion.

Every day at 18:30 between September 26th and October 13th Brass MK performed in Midsummer boulevard an anthem written for the city of Milton Keynes in the frame of the festival Built unbuilt unbuildable.


Good morning Milton Keynes,

What a beautiful day

the sun is rising

above your citizens

Anglicans and Hindus,

Catholics and Brexiters

Muslims, Jews and atheists,

Foreigners and Lefties

and maybe some Tories.

The sun is rising

above your robots

And above your cars, of course,

above your jam-less streets,

and your empty bike-lanes

The sun will highlight

a bright day ahead

Good Morning Milton Keynes!

Oh no  It’s afternoon.

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