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We have to dress gorgeously 

by Spreafico Eckly & Matteo Fargion

Date of creation: 2019

Conception Matteo Fargion et Andrea Spreafico

Music Matteo Fargion

Text and direction Andrea Spreafico

With Matteo Fargion, Robert M. Johanson, Marthe Berit Bent, Håkon Sjøvik, Mai Goto

Costumes T-Michael

We have to dress gorgeously is a perpetual song performed by two singers and three pianists. It’s a song about the relationship between the world of music and war, friendship, logic, healing, freedom, Germany and lots more. Through the simple format of a song we travel into the most remote and often irrelevant corners of history, served as a collection

of anecdotes that elsewhere wouldn’t even be considered, an accumulation of facts that by others may be thought of as secondary, but here is taken to centre stage. We have to dress gorgeously is a punk history of music (including punk!) – a lawless, non-chronological, incorrect and anti-academic approach to history, bridging the artificial (and eventually stupid) divide between ‘western’ and ‘world’ music.

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